Drug Addicts Reunited with their Families after Treatment in Baghlan

BAGHLAN (BNA) The counter-narcotics police of Baghlan say that 109 drug addicts reunited with their families after treatment in that province.

109 drug addicts were being under treatment for at least 45 days, said Mullah Muhammad Nabi Kamran, an official of counter-narcotics of Baghlan to BNA, adding that there is more addicts who soon will be return to their families after treatment.

Abdul Salam, a drug addicts, who after 45 days of treatment reunited with his families, said in an interview BNA that his live, were ruined due to drug addiction.

He said that he has lost something and he wants other people to avoid drugs which a bad habit for human being.

The counter-narcotics officials of Baghlan say that they have provided medical treatment to over 1,800 addicts in the past year, and still striving to provide medical treatment to other drug addicts.


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