Each Vote Must Be Respected In Election: President Karzai

Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The periodical meeting of the Council of Ministers with President Hamid Karzai on the chair held meeting in Arg on Monday.
Presidential press office stated BNA,  in the meeting, the president first asked the interior minister to brief about the investigation conducted into the terrorist attacks against presidential candidate Dr. Abdullah Abdullah. Interior minister stated in the meeting that the identity of one of the suicide bomber has been determined and he came from Pakistan 10 days ago to conduct suicide attack. However, the minister added that investigation is still going on.
Offering prayer for the departed souls of the terrorist attack and condemning the deadly offensive against presidential candidate, the council of ministers tasked the ministry for interior and national directorate for security (NDS) to bring to justice those who were behind the attack in its earliest and take necessary measures to ensure security for the presidential run-off. Addressing the meeting, president Karzai stressed for impartiality of the government officials in the run-off, saying the vote of each citizens must be respected and any Afghan has the right to use franchise in support of his or her favorite candidate.
The president once again expressed gratitude to the people over high turnout in the first round of the election and called upon Afghans to vastly participate in the run-off polls. Later on, the modalities of financing Dahla power dam in Kandahar was presented by minister for energy and water in the meeting. The estimated cost of the project is 218 million US dollars and the share of government of Afghanistan is 38 million US dollars until end of May this year.
According to the agenda, problem of the old city of Muradkhani, which is under construction of Firoz Koh Organization, was discussed in the session. Ministerial council tasked MoFA and MoIC to convey suggestion of acquisitioned area as historical property of Ministry of Information and Culture to presidential palace and Ministry of Finance as close neighbor of Muradkhani could not seize the acquisitioned area for extension of the ministry’s buildings. Following, Minister of Information and Culture put into discussion the ministry’s suggestion related to demand of Czech’s government for transition of 173 pieces of Afghanistan’s historic monuments to a museum in Czech for exhibition.
The ministerial council approved delivery of the historic monuments to Czech Republic under particular preserving and securing archeological experts and after insurance by an international insurance company.
In the session, the ministerial council invited a student of 6th grade named Zainullah, studying at Surkhroad School in Mohammad Agha district of Logar province and has recently made a squatter by the use of syringe, serum and wood and pressure of water. The ministerial council while praising the student for his initiative tasked Minister of Education for providing higher education facilities inside and outside of the country. At the end of the session, three international agreements delivered by deputy minister of foreign affairs which were approved.         

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