Election Process Exerts Negative Impacts On National Incomes

Saturday June 28, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The Finance Ministry of Afghanistan confirms that the election process exerted negative impacts on economic activities in the country and reduced the national incomes 20 percent.
The spokesman of the ministry, Abdul Qader Jailani told media that as of beginning of presidential elections to date, the economic activities in the country faced with dullness and over 8 pc of imports of the country also reduced.
The election process especially its run-off had negative impacts on national incomes and economy of the country. At the same time, a number of shopkeepers and ordinary people in the capital Kabul believe that going of election to run-off had negative impacts on employment and commercial dealings of the people.
They say that since the election is drew-out, the prices of all commodities especially food items ascended in the market.
One of Kabul residents Sabour said, that the election process had more impacts on people’s dealing. Previously, the food items were importing more. But now, it is reduced. Previously, a bottle of edible oil costs Afs 410 but now, the corn oil is sold against Afs 580 to the customers. One of government employees, Rahman in connection with hike of price and the impacts of election process in this respect said that when the election process went to run-off, the people faced with some problems. Although, the election is a national process but its run-off had its negative impacts on the prices of commodities in Kabul city markets. Under the pretext of election, anyone fixed the rates of commodities in the market. Now, the people of Afghanistan want the election commissions to end the process sooner in complete transparent till the people lead normal life.
He added that I am a food-bearer of ten-member family and a government employee. It is difficult with Afs 5,000 monthly salary to promote normal life. This is in a time that a number of Afghan merchants also have such problem. Standstill announcement of the results of presidential election caused them to reduce imports to the country. Hinting to this issue, the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of the country said that prolongation of election process had small impacts on economic activities. The chamber in-charge in public relations, Hashem Rasoul said that prolongation of election process has its own impacts and about 10 pc imports of the country reduced and this issue would also be proclaimed by Ministry of Finance. Despite in the past, the Afghan merchants also had expressed their concern over problems and challenges for not paying attention of government, but now, they say that prolongation of election process caused the majority of merchants to refrain from investment in Afghanistan. It is supposed the final results of presidential run-off be proclaimed in July 22nd of current year by Independent Election Commission (IEC).

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