Electoral Reforms Require Full Coordination: Danesh

Monday February 9, 2015
Kabul (BNA) The Second Vice-President, Sarwar Danesh has said that bringing reforms in the election system requires coordination among the government, parliament, political parties and civil society organs.
He made the remarks in meeting with representatives of Chief Executive Office here yesterday during which matters pertaining reforms in the election system were discussed.
“It would be better to have the viewpoints of the government, parliament, civil society organs and political parties with regard to bringing electoral reforms and have united stance,” the vice president said. Any reforms should have legal base, the Vice-President added. Representatives of the Chief Executive Office said that they have also begun consultations with experts with electoral reforms and also stressed for convergence of the leaders of National Unity Government.  Besides praising the Second Vice-President over his efforts with regard to bringing reforms in the election system, representatives of Chief Executive Office also presented their viewpoints. According to another report, the Second Vice-President, Sarwar Danesh in meeting with the members of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) here yesterday discussed the electoral reforms, saying election reforms is a natural process which has been continuing over the past 10 years. He also added that more reforms would further stabilize peace and democracy in the country. IEC chairman and members of the body also presented their viewpoints with regard to reforms in the light of past experiences.

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