Electronic IDs To Be Distribute Soon, CE

Wednesday February 11, 2015
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has said the process for distribution of electronic IDs (Tazkeras) would soon be started.
Advisor to the Chief Executive, Sayed Fazel Sancharaki told the media the other day that Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has talked with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on the soon conclusion of the issues resulting to distribution of the Tazkeras as soon as possible.
“Both sides agreed on precise decision to help the process get acceleration for the distribution process of the IDs and there seems no obstacle before the program”. According to him, fair programs on the process of distribution would help security ensured in the country and the election get transpiration and free of frauds in the upcoming timeline. Emphasizing on the process to get soon operational, some lawmakers and political analysts believe the distribution of the electronic Tazkeras would help prevent frauds in the forthcoming parliamentary elections and the original population of the country specified. Shah Gul Rezaye a member of the house of people said failure to distribute the electronic IDs would help have real figure of the countries populations as well as fairly offer educational services. She said in the past, absence of such a method to help provide balanced services resulted in some problems. She asked the leaders of the National Unity Government to step up effectively in this field and do more for soon success on the distribution process. “No setback is seen before the process.”
Political experts also call kicking off the process for distribution of the IDs would help the precise number of the country’s populations specified and all social services used transparently, as they said all over the world, there were no problems to offer services for the people and provide social facilities due to distribution of such electronic IDs. The government in the past failed to tackle the problems because of the lack of such an effective program, Majid Rahman Hakimi said, availing such plan would help the government will arrange its programs. “Such a procedure would help inclusively prevent frauds in the elections particularly the nation is confronting a destiny making process in the near future.” If the process was successfully practiced we would have a stable country, he said asking the government of national unity to soon practice the process. A number of the country’s citizens also believe the process for distribution of the IDs distribution, if successfully conducted, would provide transparency in any of the government programs and prevent frauds and disorder in the election process. They ask the government of national unity to soon adopt the measure and have the whole Afghans receive the electronic IDs. This is while the authorities of the ministry of interior had announced that all needed issues on the preparation of the IDs have been completed and are ready to have the distribution process in hand, with the program would soon be started by distribution of the first one to the country’s president. Suraya Raiszada

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