EU Election Assessment Team Stresses On Afghan’s Vote Integrity Preservation

Saturday June 21, 2014
Kabul (BNA) At a press conference held here in Kabul on Monday, the European Union Election Assessment Team (EU EAT) chief observer Thijis Berman appreciated the firm determination of the Afghan people who defied threats of the militants and used their right of suffrage on the second round of the elections.
However, Mr. Berman stressed that the credibility and integrity of the votes of people must be protected at any cast. The EU EAT thief observer announced June 14 run-of elections successful process and said that those who intend to change outcomes of the elections with frauds; this would be disrespect to all thousands of Afghans who accepted threats and voted in the elections. “If someone come out and try to changed outcomes of the elections with frauds, this is disrespect to thousands of the citizens who accepted threat and voted in the elections,” Berman said. “If we noticed any sort of fraud in the elections, we will disclose it, because the people of Afghanistan do not accept violation and fraud, but is it early to comment on that and we must wait.”
Mr. Berman maintained that the second round of the elections was conducted much better than the first round. He said that in the second round better opportunities were provided to the observers to oversee the election process. In addition Berman noted that the EU Election Assessment Team will closely monitor vote counting process and will share findings with media in proper time. According to Berman, despite significant increase of polling centers, people faced problem in some polling centers with the issue of ballot shortage. Touching on the issue of women participation in the elections, Berman stated that insecurity prevented women in areas to vote in the elections. “36 percent women turnout in the elections, show that women participation was delicate in the second round, insecurity in some areas prevented the women to participate in the elections,” Berman said.
Meanwhile, a number of Afghan electoral monitoring institutions have also expressed satisfactions over the transparency of the run-off elections and said that large turnouts and cooperation of the security forces played crucial role in protecting the credibility and integrity of the elections. Election observer institutions believe that public contribution in the election process prevented more frauds. The election observer’s institutions have appraised the courage and determination of the Afghan people who accepted threats and voted in the elections in large numbers. The observers urge on the electoral bodies to pursue neutrality and impartiality during the elections. Economic commentators also tribute the courage and struggle of the Afghan citizens and say that people by voting in the elections contributed in the transparency and credibility of the process.
“One of the major concerns of the people was the issue of insecurity, fortunately, the elections were conducted in a peaceful environment and now the electoral bodies must accomplish their jobs with honestly and they have already promised the people that they will accept any sort of fraud and rigging,” political analyst Ali Rahmani said. “Now all the Afghans await outcomes of the elections and people expect that EU election observers in cooperation with other national institution work that outcomes are according to the will of Afghan people.” In the meantime, a number of citizens have expressed hope that the outcomes would be transparent and ask the government to work so that the elections results are announced in line with the demands of the Afghan people. “On time holding of the elections were hope for the people, but security remains as a major issue both to government and people, because several provinces of the country copes security threats,” local resident Farishta said.
This comes at a time that the EU had also monitored 2009 presidential elections in Afghanistan and was one of the major donors who provided financial resources to the elections.

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