Everyone should Take Part in Country’s Development: PM Kabir

KABUL (BNA) The Acting Prime Minister of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) Mawlavi Abdul Kabir has separately met with a number of scholars, elders, religious and influential figures of Kabul and Baghlan provinces, his office said in a statemen Monday.

In the meeting, the Acting Prime Minister and Deputy PM Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, while, appreciating people’ sacrifices for the establishment of the Islamic system said that the everyone should together under the umbrella of the current system and jointly work for the country’s development, prosperity and self-sufficiency, according the statement.

Elders and influential figures of the provinces, while showing their full support from the current system, expressed that the Islamic system was wish of every Afghan in the country, the statement said, adding that they are ready for any sacrifices to keep and support the Islamic system.

Also, they shared the challenges related to their provinces with the Acting Prime Minister and Deputy PM Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, and asked that them should be solved, the statement further said.

“The Islamic Emirate was always committed to provide entire the nation with better services and facilities in various grounds and the IEA’s officials have been instructed to always address the challenges facing the people, as well as always keep their door open to the nation,” the statement quoted Mawlavi Kabir as saying.

After the resumption of power by the IEA and establishment of the Islamic system all obstacles have been removed in the country, and now it is the time that every Afghan with complete honesty and firm determination should together work and step towards the country’s development and prosperity.


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