Factory Owners In Need of Government Support For Domestic Products

Tuesday June 3, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Plastic is a product used for many purposes. It could be hard or soft, transparent or dark and different colored shoes and flip flops etc. are produced from plastic.
Increase of domestic products and prevention of foreign goods is the only step that guarantees economic development and rescues our country from poverty and unemployment. One of the problems is lack acceptable quality distrust of consumers to domestic products. Shohrat Plastic Industries is one of local plastic production enterprises in the country which was decommissioned in 1390 said finance and administrative officer of the factory Azizurahman adding that we imported new machinery from Pakistan and China which have higher quality and better capacity and operating computerized.
He added, at present 110-150 workers are employed and they produce higher quality products than the foreign products imported from China and Pakistan. Our products have covered all national markets throughout Afghanistan. For a while even we had exported our products to Tajikistan but the government didn't support us so we had to stop exports despite potential demand from Tajikistan. Talking on raw materials, Azizurahman said, we imported from China, Korea and Taiwan. During summer we produced flip flops while shoes during winters. Our products include 18 different designs of women, men and children. Our products recovered sincere welcome of countrymen. The products are from P.B.C materials. Since production of shoes and flop flops is a heavy job and women don’t manage, so all our workers are men.
He went on to say, we plan to open the tailoring branch and employee 80-100 women because women are skilled in this field. So far we have attended eight exhibitions and displayed our products which were warmly welcomed. Azizurahman clarified, we suggested to higher authorities including President Hamid Karzai to impose taxes on foreign products. President issued decrees but the ministry of finance refused and argued that the World Bank doesn't accept this issue. Thus they refused to increase taxes on foreign products. Security situation also affects domestic markets. We requested the government to provide credits and decrease price of power energy.

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