Farmers Received Improved Wheat Seeds in Jawzjan


JAWZJAN (BNA) “FEO” office in cooperation with Action Aid organization distributed modified wheat seeds and quantity of fertilizer to thousands of farmers affected by drought in Fayzabad district of Jawzjan.

The provincial head of agriculture in Jawzjan, told BNA that the “FEO” office, in cooperation with the Action Aid organization, distributed 175 tons of modified wheat seeds, 175 tons of black fertilizer and 175 tons of white fertilizer to 3,500 farmers affected by drought.

According to him, each farmers received, one bag of modified wheat seeds, one bag of black fertilizer and one bag of white fertilizer.

Mohammad Zarif Fayez, head of economy of Jawzjan office, stated that the purpose of distributing wheat seeds and quantitative fertilizer is to raise the economy of the farmers of Jawzjan.


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