First Cancer Treatment Center Is Being Built in Nangarhar

Jalalabad (BNA) Efforts have begun to build the first cancer treatment hospital in Nangarhar.

The hospital is scheduled to be built later this year in Jalalabad, the capital of the province.

In addition to the internal medicine and surgery wards, the hospital will have 30 beds for cancer patients.

Dr. Nasir Ahmad Durrani, Director of Nangarhar Public Health, told BNA that the hospital will be equipped with modern medical equipment.

Dozens of doctors and other health workers are to be hired for the hospital.

The hospital is being built by the Ministry of Public Health as part of the National Cancer Program.

The lack of a reliable hospital to treat cancer in Nangarhar and other eastern provinces has led to thousands of citizens coming to the capital for treatment or even traveling to other countries such as Iran, Pakistan and India.

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