First Copyrights’ Popularization Meeting Held In Kabul

Monday October 10, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Initiated by the Ministry of Information and Culture, the first copyrights polarization meeting held here in Kabul.
Cooperated by the Afghanistan Journalists’ Federation and the RTVs union of the country, the meeting, at the outset, was opened with remarks by the Deputy Minister of Information and Culture on Publications Affairs, Sayeda Mojgan Mostafavi, who called the copyrights the real right of the authors, publishers, artists and other culturists of the country. “The aim of the conference was to introduce how to explain the copyrights issue and that the Ministry of Information and Culture had many achievements in this field,” said the deputy minister adding in order to remove some challenges in this respect, there is a need for bringing some amendments in the copyright’s law. The issue has been discussed with the entire related organs after the copyright law was provided by the Ministry of Information and Culture in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, to help remove the challenges and problems faced by the incumbents of culture and arts, she said.
She said they can refer to the copyright section of the Ministry of Information and Culture anytime, when facing any problem in this field.
Minister of Justice, Abdul Basir Anwar also spoke in the meeting saying any legislations expected to be codified in the country, should be according to the international norms and peculiarities of the Afghan society. He said all problems have been removed and the issues not available in the past law, have now been merged in the contents of the copyright. Meanwhile, the Deputy Finance and Administrative Minister, Zardasht Shams also spoke in the meeting saying the copyright law had been provided based on the needs of time in the country and any author, artist and writer can share their suggestion and vision in this respect. Chief of NAI—Supporting open Media in Afghanistan, Mujeeb Khelwatgar, Mohammad Sayedi, political analyst and some other officials of the Ministry of Information and culture also delivered speech about the copyright law asking  for implementation of the law. Seyar Ali Tarzi, a cultural analyst said scientific researchers are the need of the society, but should be used in the field cultural making. The use of the sources and norms should take place under full trusteeship. “In many cases, there has been evidences that lot of plagiarisms had taken place, which should be prevented. Director of Pajhwok News Agency, Danesh Karokhil also blamed what he said wide number of plagiarism cases had been witnessed as the technology are getting expanded day by day. He asked the ministry of information and culture for prevention of such trespasses.
Shukria Kohistani

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