Flash Floods Destroyed Wardak Farmlands

WARDAK (BNA) Maidan Shar central of Wardak province witnessed a new surge of floods, on Thursday.

The floods encircled parts of the central province after heavy rrainfalllate on Thursday.

Syed Abad and Chak districts are the main focus of the floods.

Reports ssay the floods destroyed hundreds of acres of farmers’ fields and villagers’ houses have been damaged, and dozens of families have been surrounded by floods in their houses.

The number of possible human casualties caused by these floods is not available.

A local official in Syed Abad a district of Wardak, told BNA that the efforts to rescue those trapped in the flood have begun.

He said that in the second step, efforts will be made to assist the flood victims.

Some of the flood victims, who managed to save themselves from the flood were sheltered in their friends’ houses or public places and need food, water, medicine, and shelter.


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