Flood Inflict Damages in Parwan

PARWAN (BNA) Heavy rainfall and floods in Parwan, caused huge damage to several people in that province.

On Tuesday morning, heavy rain caused flooding in parts of Charikar city in the center of Parwan and destroyed many houses, shops, and people’s lands.

The eyewitnesses of the event say that these floods have caused a lot of financial losses to people in Parwan.

The narrow width of the roads and the non-standard gutters on the side of the road are the causes of water gushing into people’s shops and houses, they said, asking the authorities to pay attention to their vulnerability.

Meanwhile, the head of natural disaster management, Mawlavi Abdul Aleem Ahmad, in Parwan, says that these floods have caused financial losses to some families, shopkeepers, and vendors, some roads have been shut off and dozens of bridges and culverts have been destroyed.

He said that the exact figures for casualties caused by these floods are not yet available.


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