Floods Caused Human, Financial losses in Ghazni

GHAZNI (BNA), Deputy Minister of S Disasters Management, Mawlawi Sharafuddin Muslim, visited Ghazni province to assess the situations of flood victims in the center and Andar district of the province in order to them with urgent aid.

The provincial head of Natural Disaster Management, Mawlawi Omar Haqqani in Ghazni province, says that due to heavy rains and floods in the last two days, hundreds of houses have been destroyed and 5 people have lost their lives.

A certain amount of aid has been loaded from the warehouses of the Ministry and will soon be distributed to the flood-affected families, Haqqani added.

Meanwhile, the head of Information and Culture of Ghazni province, Mawlawi Habibullah Mujahid, says that the floods have affected the people of Ghaib Qalandar and Amir Mohammad Khan sites and they need urgent help.

Mujahid asked the country’s national businessmen, charities, and international organizations to assist the flood victims of Ghazni.

Lately, floods have caused heavy financial and human losses to people in many provinces of the country, who are in great need of urgent humanitarian aid.


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