Floods Displace Over 36,000 Residents in Northeast Italy

KABUL (BNA) Over 36,000 people have been forced from their homes by deadly floods in northeast Italy, regional officials have said, as rising waters swallowed more houses and new landslides isolated hamlets.

Fourteen people were killed this week after streets in the cities and towns of the Emilia-Romagna region were transformed into rivers.

A helicopter involved in attempts to restore electricity crashed on Saturday near Lugo, injuring one of the four people on board, the fire service said, qouting Al Jazeera.

The torrential floods caused more than 305 landslides and damaged or closed in excess of 500 roads in the region.

Video footage from the affected towns showed cars submerged in water and flooded homes, as some residents rode bicycles or paddled through the watery streets.

Bologna’s mayor Matteo Lepore said Saturday it would take “months, and in some places maybe years” for roads and infrastructure to be repaired.


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