Floods Killed 31, Injured 17 People in Parwan

CHARIKAR (BNA) Flash floods took the lives of 31 people, injured 17 and about 100 others were missing in the Siagard and Shenwari districts of Parwan province, on Saturday.

The provincial director deputy director of Public Health of Parwan Dr. Abdullah Afghanmal said to BNA in a telephone call that 31 people were dead, 17 were injured, and many were missing in the district of Ghorband.

Civilians are missing along with their vehicles in the floods, said a source.

The head of public health, Dr. Hidayatullah Azam, said that some of the mentioned missing people are in the Shinwari district.

He says that the number of dead or injured persons may rise.

The Ministry of Natural Disasters Management, the Governor of the Province, the Chief of Police, and the head of Public Health went to the affected sites to provide them with basic materials and health items.

The road in the Bamyan province of Kabul is also closed to traffic, more details are in another report.


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