FM Muttaqi meets EU Special Envoy for Afghanistan

KABUL (BNA) Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi, received EU Special envoy for Afghanistan, Thomas Nicholson in his office on Sunday.

In a meeting Mr. Nicholson first shared his views with Foreign Minister on continuing efforts to improve the economic situation, education, providing safe working conditions for the people, and security issues said a statement to BNA.

Nicholson said challenges could be addressed through talks and finding solutions to problems, added.

Foreign Minister Muttaqi said during the meeting Afghanistan soil is no threat to others anymore, quoted spokesperson Qahar Balkhi.

Amir Khan Muttaqi stressed achievements such as ensuring global security and having a strong will to improve the living conditions of the people and other issues of interest.

Both sides stressed the need to strengthen cooperation between Afghanistan and the European Union, which will lead to an improvement in the living conditions of the people in various sectors.


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