For Settling The Current Crisis, Political Wisdom Insists On Convergence Not On Separation: Commentary

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Kabul (BNA) BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes, there is no doubt that for preventing the wide separation of the crisis and protecting national and civic values has more insisted on national solidarity not on dissension.
There is also no doubt that the existence of different ideas and views is a distinction feature in democratic societies.
In any case, analyzing the current situation of the country and regional issues asks the authorities of the country that for passing the current situation national unity is a must and leads us to our to  hit our target while discord and disunity leads our community to the most wretched and miserable life.
Restoration of national trust among the people, political parties , strengthening and supporting security forces against terrorist groups, supporting the process of peace and stability, managing the relevant affairs for preventing the wide speared of insecurity in the country, putting in practice the agreement of National Unity Government and so on , are considered the master key for settling the problems. , the access of these noble objectives should seek in establishing a strong and powerful government, national unity, and practical programs.
Without deeply considering the above important issues, it would be impossible to overcome the problems in a short period.
Considering the statements of NATO Secretary General expressed in the session of defense ministers of NATO member countries that NATO members did not think the situation in Afghanistan could be improve during the current and upcoming years  via fighting because the battle has no military way of solution.
The statements express in a way complicated dimensions of Afghan conflict; the key of this disastrous problem is in the hands of mysterious and non- mysterious countries of the region and beyond the region.
For settling a regional crisis, regional understanding and gathering is necessary, otherwise all efforts for settling Afghan problem will be in vain.
The regional and beyond regional conspiracies and plots against Afghan people asks the politicians and authorities of the country to spare no any efforts for public mobilization and adopting effective measures to bridge the gap between the people and government and restore national trust via performing honestly their national duties and obligations.  
Abdul Khalil Minawi

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