Foreigners Aim Was To Impose Puppet Regime After Jihad Victory: Qanooni

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Kabul (BNA) First Vice-President Mohammad Yunus Qanooni said that the enemies and foreigners had attempted to install a puppet regime in Kabul after the victory of Jihad in Afghanistan.
According to presidential press office to BNA, he made the remark in a ceremony to mark the 22nd anniversary victory of Mujahideen in at Intercontinental Hotel on Tuesday.
The vice-president also said that what had happened after Mujahideen’s victory had shown that the support of western world from Afghan Jihad was not a defense from Afghan Jihad, rather is was to defeat the Soviet Union.
Analyzing the situation emerged after Jihad victory, the vice president said that the foreigners had attempted to have a puppet regime in Afghanistan and that was why they had conspired against the Mujahideen government and imposed another war on Afghans.
Qanooni also noted enlarging the events which happened after Mujahideen victory in Afghanistan was an organized conspiracy to defame Mujahideen and instead hide the crimes of the regime and Taliban including committing massacre of people and burning houses.
Another challenge for the Mujahideen said was the presence of extremist elements from Islamic countries that had fought alongside Mujahideen against the former Soviet Union.
With regard to the April 5 elections, the vice president said that the people of Afghanistan cast their votes on the historic day to bring change and displayed their will that they don’t want to see violence and despotic regimes in the country and rather want to elect the country’s leadership through ballots. Qanooni also hoped that both the independent election commission and the elections complaints commission to respect the votes of people transparently.
According to another report, Qanooni received a delegation of youth from Khoost province and said that experiences have shown that the country embraces prosperity and progress through unity and cooperation among its citizens.

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