From Restoring Urban Order to Fighting Against All Kinds of Corruption

KABUL (BNA) The program of collecting beggars from Kabul is a move towards restoring urban order and fighting against all kinds of corruption.

BNA analyst: The city of Kabul has changed its face in the presence of thousands of beggars and drug addicts, every day, every citizen of Kabul meets dozens of children, young and old, men and women, who ask for begs.

There are different groups among the beggars in the capital, which shows that some of them are really poor and weak, some of them see begging as a profession, and some of them are forced to become beggars.

Recently, the abuse of children is increasing, still, the majority of drug addicts are beggars who need money to get drugs and are ready to do anything to get money. It includes begging, stealing, and other activities.

In general, the presence of beggars in Kabul city has given a bad image to the capital, the presence of thousands of beggars has put the citizens of Kabul under cultural and social pressure, which is a blow to the sovereignty of the state. The existence of this group speaks of poverty. It is growing in the country and there are far worse criminals and abusers than beggars who can be a threat to social security.

There is no doubt that criminal gangs use beggars and drug addicts who are poor and needy for their work, they will be used for transporting and selling drugs, anti-security activities, and other illegal activities.

Understanding this shortcoming, the Islamic Emirate has taken practical measures against it, and according to the order of the supreme leader, the collection of beggars will soon begin in Kabul city.

In this regard, the deputy prime minister, Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar, has tasked the management of a program to collect beggars in Kabul city soon with the cooperation and coordination of the relevant organs.

Against the beggar person need to promise not to beg in the streets anymore, the source added, in his statement.

According to the statement, the children who beg in the streets will be provided with education, and those beggars who are really poor and cannot do any work will be paid a monthly salary.

From the point of view of the people, the beggars are divided into three categories, the first class is those who are really in trouble and reach out from extreme poverty and ask for something from the people, and the second class are those for whom begging is a profession and has been doing it for several generations.

They have inherited, the third class, which can be dangerous for society, are professional criminals who commit crimes in the presence of drug addicts and beggars, most of the beggar children belong to this class.

They need the authorities to pay attention to the program of collecting beggars in the city and purify the city of Kabul from thousands of beggars by separating the deserving from the undeserving.

For the citizens of Kabul, especially those who have good financial power, it is necessary to speed up the collection of beggars from Kabul with the help of charitable organizations.


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