Fuel Price Drop world wide

KABUL (BNA)The price of fuel in the world markets drop to its lowest level on Tuesday a barrel of oil has been sold below eighty dollars.

Meanwhile, with the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the price of oil in the world had increased unprecedentedly.

The price of oil fell to the lowest level this year and reached below 80 dollars per barrel, Reuters reported that on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the price of oil was 3.33 dollars with a four percent decrease and reached 79.35 dollars per barrel.

Tuesday’s slump is said to be the biggest daily drop in oil prices since late September.

At the same time, the oil market has largely ignored supply threats, including threats caused by the G7 setting a $60 ceiling for Russian offshore crude oil exports.

Meanwhile, Russia said it will not sell oil to any country that signs up to the oil price cap.


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