Fuel Price ups IEA Warns Exploiters  

KABUL (BNA) The office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic affairs warns the exploiters, as fuel prices surged in recent days in the capital Kabul, plus other cities.

The price of fuel anonymously surged in the country, where it has made life difficult for people because every dealer and business faces difficulties in their work.

There is no doubt that the economic cycle in any country depends on the price of fuel and the rise in the price has a direct effect on the rise in the prices of other commodities.

Economic experts say the rise in the fuel creates global challenges, these statements do not apply to Afghanistan, because Afghanistan has many resources for the supply of fuel, especially after the start of the war in Ukraine and the Russian embargo, from a number of European countries, Russia has found Asia to be its biggest oil sales market.

“If we consider Afghanistan, this country has ample opportunities for oil supply, Iran, Russia, and Turkmenistan are good sources of oil supply for this country, but contrary to expectations, the price of this fuel in Afghanistan is on the rise, shows that exploiters have hands in the price Oil and a number of other consumer items and currencies have played a role,”.

In the past, mafia hands have been involved in the occurrence of such issues, and the former governments in the country have suffered more from such anomalies, except for the fact that they themselves were involved and even some of their high-ranking officials were involved in such fraud. played a role, the increasing price issues were ignored and oil supply was a key part of the black economy in Afghanistan.

But lately, the deputy Prime Minister’s office released an announcement Tuesday, saying that it has received reports that some rings are involved in increasing the price of fuel and warned that “if the report is proven, the perpetrators will be dealt with seriously.”

The office of the Deputy Prime Minister said that their every effort to keep the normal price of fuel stable in the country’s market.

Even though the Islamic Emirate believes in maintaining the free market solution in the country, it does not allow unrestrained abusers and the recent announcement of the economic deputy of the Prime Minister indicates that it does not tolerate illegal activities and exploitative groups.


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