Grand Assembly of Afghanistan Ulema to Start on Thursday: Mujahid

KABUL (BNA): The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, told a news conference here in Kabul on Wednesday, that the Afghan scholar’s grand assembly is scheduled to start officially tomorrow, Thursday, here in Kabul at the Loya Jirga hall.

At the grand assembly that is about to hold at the Loya Jirga hall 3,000 scholars, tribe elders, and influential figures around the country will attend, Mujahid added.

At the scholars gathering the participants will share their ideas and suggestions, which will be discussed later, a source said.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan security officials said “many security commissions have been formed to ensure better security during the Afghan Ulema assembly,”.

The scholar’s grand assembly was organized at the request of the country’s scholars, which has provided the ground for the Islamic Emirate to discuss some important issues of the country.


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