HCNR Peace Plan Review Neither Clear Nor Inclusive: VP Danesh

Kabul (BNA) Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh in an article published in Afghanistan Ma newspaper here yesterday as well as in a Facebook post on Tuesday reacted to the review of the peace proposals submitted by Afghan politicians–including President Ghani–by a 15-member committee under the High Council for National Reconciliation, saying the proposed plan is not “clear” nor “inclusive” and it advocates a kind division of power between two ethnic groups.

VP Danesh said he sees “an insulting treatment” of President Ghani’s peace proposal in the review of the committee. He said that the proposal review, and unified stance of the political leaders in the committee, has fueled rifts in the republic side instead of boosting a national consensus and that it is not fair to present this at the Istanbul conference or any other event.

VP Danesh added that there is a need for an inclusive and acceptable proposal that is reviewed and prepared with further precision. VP Danesh said the proposal is “aimed at dividing two ethnic groups.”

The proposal has been prepared after a review of 25 proposals by the 15-member committee. The unified proposal that will need approval by the leadership committee of the council puts forward two options, including President Ghani’s proposal for a republic system and a “semi-presidential” system.

A copy of the proposal that has been leaked to the media shows that it has 14 pages and suggests a three-year term for a transitional peace government and that its term is extendable.

According to the document, the transitional peace government includes an executive branch, a judicial branch, a national assembly, a national Islamic jurisdiction council, the high council of government and a commission for the amendment of the Constitution.

VP Danesh said that a parliamentary or semi-presidential system for the country’s future is only an idea from a party and that it should not be considered as a view from all. According to him, a parliamentary system has not proved successful in the country’s history.

VP Danesh mentioned that the proposal has proposed two options, including a transitional government, which, he said echoes the US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad’s plan for peace.

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