Head of Child Support Institute in Balkh Assured, The Organization Will Continue its Activities in Balkh

Kabul (BNA) Mullah Abdul Shakur Jawad, the head of Balkh’s economy, met yesterday with the head of the child protection office Korset in Balkh.

According to BNA report, during the meeting, both sides discussed the continuation of public welfare projects and educational programs of the Child Support Institute and the needs of the people of Balkh in the social and educational sectors.

Corset also assured that the Child Support Institute in Balkh will continue its activities, saying that they strive to provide timely and effective services to the citizens of Afghanistan.

The Director of Balkh Economy welcomed the activities of domestic and foreign institutions in Balkh and assured the General Director of the Child Protection Institute that the officials of the Islamic Emirate in Balkh are with them in order to improve their activities and implement public benefit projects.


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