Helicopter After Hitting Electricity Lines Crashes in Samangan

KABUL (BNA) A helicopter of the Afghan Air Forces after hitting the electricity lines has been crashed in the country’s northern province of Samangan, the Ministry of National Defense said Sunday.

The chopper type MD-530 while flying from the airport of Mazar-i-Sharif to Samangan province, after hitting the electricity lines has been crashed in Khulm district, as a result of which two pilots lost their lives, a statement said.

The Ministry of National Defense investigating the issue and wished paradise to the martyrs and patients to their families, according to the statement.

This is to be noted that during the takeover of the country by the Islamic Emirate and withdrawal of US-led foreign forces, all military choppers and aircrafts had cowardly destroyed by the U.S.

Islamic Emirate Forces in the country, and after day and night tireless efforts of the engineering teams of the Ministry of National Defense a large number military vehicles, helicopters and transport planes have recently been restored and are ready for use in the country, the statement said.


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