Herat Governor warns Importer, not to Import Substandard Materials

HERAT (BNA) Herat governor Mullana Ahmad Islam Jar, in a meeting with the deputy head of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment and members of the Petroleum Materials Union, stressed the importance of not importing low-quality materials.

During the meeting, oil traders shared the problems of oil imports with the governor of Herat and called for the challenges to be addressed.

Importers of petroleum products appreciated the efforts of the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate ensuring security around the clock.

Islam Jar, the governor of Herat province, said that security is the right of our people and we are doing our best for the welfare of the people the local administration of Herat together with the intelligence and police command is trying to install CCTV cameras in the city to ensure better security.

Governor Islam Jar called on national businessmen to be alert in importing quality materials, and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the local administration of Herat, does not accept low-quality fuel for the people of Afghanistan.

“Our nation must benefit from quality oil and gas,” said Islam Jar. “Substandard oil must be rejected,”.


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