Herat is in need of Humanitarian Emergency Assistance, Said, officials

Herat (BNA) Herat officials called for emergency assistance to thousands of needy families in that province.

At the current states, with thousands of needy families in Herat, hundreds of families from provinces like Badghis and Farah had been displaced by cause of natural incidents and are need of help, added.

Mawlana Noor Ahmad Islam Jar, Governor of Herat, met with Abdul Qadir Asemi, Director of the World Food organization in Afghanistan and called to more addressed in providing shortly and timely assistance for the families in need.

Governor of the province, addressing the situation of destitute families in Herat said “we need urgent help to assists families as soon as possible”

unemployment and economic crisis in Afghanistan have surge hunger, that currently more than 60% of citizens are facing food shortages.

Bakhtar NEWS Agency

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