Herat Sees 40% Rise In Silkworm Industry

Tuesday February 10, 2015
Kabul (BNA) The silkworm industry and saffron cultivation in Herat province is popular among people of all classes.
These two industries especially in Herat ancient province are big sources of income for many families. At present the peddling and silk products have increased 40 percent comparing to previous years and provided employment opportunities for large number of locals. The Zendah Jan district is the main center of Peddling and silkworm keeping, said head of Herat provincial Agriculture Department. Faqir Ahmad Bayangar adding that the silkworm products have recently developed quickly in Herat as this year 20 tons silkworm products have been harvested in this province which are packed in 40kg boxes with special standards and the silk industry has increased 40 percent this year compared to last year and Afs 30 million have been earned in current year from silkworm products in four districts of Zendah Jan, Pashtoon Zarghoon, Gozara and Engel. Barangar went on the say “The silk products of Herat province have attracted attention of the world markets.
The Japan has been contributing for the development of this industry and they are trying to promote the activities of Herat peddlers and create a production center of silkworm seed and pave the way for establishment of vocational center with the help of Japanese experts provincial agriculture department said, in current year, Herat province association of Herat peddlers. Bashir Ahmad Ahmadi the head of agricultural affairs in Herat will be witnessing an income of over Afs 30 million from the silkworm products. In Herat Bazaars, each four kilo gram silk is dealt Afs 750, while the biggest challenge a head of peddlers is lack of a standard place for keeping of silkworm. Talking on the improvement of silkworm keeping, Ahmadi said “Fortunately the peddling situation has been improving in recent years and this year we are expecting to earn Afs 30 million from selling of our products. At present over 3000 households are involved in silkworm keeping in Zendah Jan district that have produced only 20 percent of all silk products in Herat. According to my knowledge, lovely weather, the people enthusiasm and deep roots of this industry are the main reason, behind development of this industry in this province. He went on to say that silkworm keeping requires a long process and our silkworm dealers are at close quarter with many problems. But despite of that most parts of our products are exported to foreign markets. But in Afghanistan due to lack of sufficient resources silk thread are not used commonly and Herat is famous for its traditional products including carpets, silk products and saffron. He added “One of the advantages of this industry is creation of employment opportunities to people as currently over 90% locals are involved in this industry. In the last two years over $360000 has been earned from selling of silkworm products. According to large number of silkworm dealers, if further attention is invited to this industry, silk products will be quickly improved and increased and would occupy first position like saffron. Karima Malikzada

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