Historical Sites Curb being Usurpation in Ghazni

GHAZNI (BNA) the security officials have prevented the historical site of the chihial bachagan area from the usurpation in Ghazni province.

Mawlavi Habibullah Mujahed the Ghazni director of Information and Culture, visited Ghabi Qalandar due to the request of the resident of the area and said, that no one will be allowed to usurp or take control in forces the historical sites of Ghazni.

In the last two decades, the usurper usurped historical sites and public properties, and now under the sovereignty of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, thousands of acres of lands retake back from the usurpers.

The usurpers intended to usurp the Chihial Bachagan lands located in Ghabi Qalandar in Ghazni city, which is a historical site of the province, and the Islamic Emirate security prevented the property from being usurped.


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