House Of People Heard Working Programs Of Public Works And Urban Development Ministers

Sunday, March 04, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The general session of the house of people chaired by its speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi heard a report from the domestic commission on the killing of two US advisors in interior ministry by a police officer. 
The report was presented by General Nazifa Zaki secretary of the commission. 
Deputies discussed lack of government program after the withdrawal of the foreign troops from Afghanistan at the end of 2014 and strongly condemned torching of Holy Kuran by a resident of the country in Kandahar province having connection with the intelligence agency of Pakistan and asked the authorities to seriously pursue this issue. 
The deputies considered torching of the Holy Kuran by this person graver than the US soldiers at the Bagram Military Base and added that in addition some night letters and some other terrorist documents were also seized from this person and he deserves to be severely punished. 
The meeting also criticized the latest assertions of the head of high administration for struggle against corruption in relation to some of the parliament members and the meeting instructed the commission on judiciary and the safety and remuneration of deputies to follow up this issue through legal channels. 
Meanwhile amendment of the article 86 of the House’s domestic procedure on introduction of candidate ministers who failed to gain vote of confidence and once again have been introduced to the same ministry was adopted with two third majority votes. 
On the basis of this article the candidate ministers who fail to gain vote of house with the passage of one legislation term they can be introduced to the same post. 
Candidate Minister of Public Works Eng. Najibullah Ouzhen and Eng. Hassan Abdul Elahi candidate minister for urban development presented their work programs. 
Abdul Elahi reiterated that he will achieve his tasks with honesty and try to prioritize capacity building and positive use of resources during his mission as minister. 
Meanwhile, the minister of public works promised standardizing of Salang Tunnel attention towards upgrading the quality of road building projects, start of work on suspended projects, precise supervision of projects and maintenance of highways. 
The deputies asked some questions from the candidate public works minister on non-standardized roads, provision of projects to the non-professional companies etc.

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