Hundreds of Families Provided Potable Water in Laghman

LAGHMAN ( BNA) With the construction of a water supply network, potable water was supplied to hundreds of families in Laghman province.

A water network, was constructed in the Qarghayi district, a solar energy power was installed to draw water from newly dug wells and make it available to the villagers through taps.

Qamar Charity Organization has financed the cost of building this water supply network.

Professor Murad Manli, the representative of this organization in Laghman province told BNA, “With the construction of this water supply network, three hundred rural families in Qarghayi district and parts of Mehtarlam city got access to clean potable water.

Qamar Charity Organization has implemented several development projects including the construction of water supply networks in Laghman province.

With the construction of this water supply network, the villagers of the province are happy and say that they suffered from diseases due to the use of dirty water for years.

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