Hundreds of Military Vehicles Revamped

KABUL (BNA) Officials at the Ministry of National Defense on Saturday said Ministry has repaired 120 heavy vehicles by the National Engineering Brigade in the Bagram.

According to Mawlawi Mohammad Ameen Peykar, commander of the National Engineer Brigade of the Ministry, who traveled to visit Bagram units, said 120 heavyweight vehicles had been repaired at the unit’s workshop.

The repaired vehicles include 77 Forklift vehicles, 4 GBC vehicles, 4 bulldozers, a crusher squatter, 4 armored loads, 3 tractors, 5 American rickshaws, 12 Forklift loaders, 4 trailer vehicles, and more of such.

According to another report, the Ministry of National Defense said 60 commandos from the 217 Omari corps Camps after receiving military and ideological training graduated on Saturday.

Bakhtar News Agency

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