Hundreds of Police Complete their Trainings in Paktia


PAKTIA (BNA) 301 policemen graduated from Paktia Islamic Police Training Academy after 45 days of professional and devotional training.

Addressing the graduates the commander of police academy in Paktia Mawlavi Samiullah Khalid, said that the graduated policemen are residents of Khost, Logar and Paktika, besides Paktia, who will be assigned to work in their respective provinces after graduation.

Khalid said that these people have been taught how to deal with criminals, and how to behave with common people, resist the enemy and defeat them.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Governor of Paktia, Sheikh Inamullah Salahaddin, congratulated the graduating police officers and asked them to make good use of the education they received and serve the country.


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