ICRC to Keep Same Level Activities in Year 2023

KABUL (BNA) Deputy Foreign Minister Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai stressed for the improvemnet of ICRC operations in the country in a meeting Today, Wednesday with the ICRC delegation head in Afghanistan Eloi Fillion.

Mr. Fillion elaborated on ICRC activities in Afghanistan, saying that ICRC conducts its second-largest operations in Afghanistan after Ukraine, qouting Abdul Qahar Balkhi the spokesperson of Foreign Ministry.

The ICRC in addition to providing services related to hospitals, medical institutes and detention centers, they are also looking into expanding their activities to water and energy, agriculture and humanitarian assistance, added Balkhi to his twitter handle.

During the meeting Mr. Fillion said that they have doubled their activities in Afghanistan this year and plan to keep it at the same level in 2023.

Meanwhile, Mr. Stanekzai thanked ICRC for its assistance, calling for continued aid to the Afghan people until economic challenges in the country are addressed.

To the end, Mr. Stanekzai, on behalf of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, assured of providing a suitable environment to assist in improving operations of the ICRC.


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