IEA Assured Maintaining National Projects Security Including TAPI

KABUL (BNA) The Deputy prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan for Economic Affairs in a statement said that many projects remain incomplete in the country including TAPI, under invasion of US in Afghanistan.

The statement said that with the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, complete security has been ensured in the country providing a better opportunity for the implementation of these project now than ever before.

The IEA places a high priority on the security of national projects, and it is fully equipped to implement the TAPI project, which it considers to be a crucial piece of the country’s economic infrastructure. The project’s practical launch is wonderful news for Afghans, the statement added.

According the statement, earlier officials of the Ministries of Interior, National Defense and General Directorate of Intelligence held a meeting with the representatives of Turkmenistan to assure them of the project’s complete security.

The statement declares saying that in case needed, the Islamic Emirate is prepared to form a special force to safeguard the TAPI project.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan views the reconstruction of the country and the revitalization of its economic infrastructure as its responsibilities and believes that the political, security, and economic prosperity of the region is a shared responsibility of the member states.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan reaffirms its commitment to enhancing relations and economic cooperation with neighboring, regional and other countries around the world based on mutual benefits, added to the statement released by Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs’ office.


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