IEA Finance Minister visits Khush Tepa Irrigation Canal

BALKH (BNA) On his visit to Balkh Province, Acting Minister of Finance Mawlavi Hedayatullah Badri, Balkh Governor Mohammad Dawood Muzamil and his delegation visited different parts of Khush Tepa Irrigation Canal.

Mr. Badri expressed satisfaction with the project implementation process and said that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is committed to completing the mega scheme under any conditions

The General Executive Director of National Development Company, Abdul Rahman Attash, said with 3250 machineries, they are striving to complete the work of this great and national project.

The Khush Tepa Irrigation Canal is one of the major national projects in the history of the country, after its completion, about 3.5 million acres of agricultural land in the north of the country will be irrigated.


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