IEA is not Against Youths Education: Minister

KABUL(BNA) The Acting Higher Education Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, in a meeting with several officials of private higher education institutions, discussed the improvement of higher education quality and addressed their problems and suggestions.

Minister, Mawlavi Nada Mohammad Nadeem, said: “The ministry and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan are not against youths educations in the country, but believe in its improvement and development in the light of religious direction and national values ​​of the country.

Mawlavi Nadeem, pointing to the recent ruling heeding educational institutions, said: “The recent decree does not say anything against the education of girls.”

He asked the officials of the country’s educational institutions to revise themselves according to the rulings of the administration of the Islamic Emirate and the lawful principle of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Minister, Nadeem pledged to address the primary problems of private higher education institutions, said that a joint commission should be formed by the representatives of these institutions and the Ministry of Higher Education to maintain and address the problems of the private higher education sector.

The representatives of higher education institutions, while ensuring the implementation of the Islamic Emirate’s verdicts and the lawful principle of the Ministry of Higher Education, raised a series of requests and some of their problems.

For his part, Minister, Nadeem, vowed to cooperate in addressing the problems of higher education of the country.


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