IEA Limits Cash, Gold Transfer From Afghanistan to Abroad

KABUL (BNA) The Office of the Prime Minister (Arg) said that transfer and smuggling of high amount of currencies, gold and precious stones outside the country is considered as a crime.

The Arg in a statement requested all citizens, money changers and traders of the country to observe new rules regarding transfer of cash, gold and other precious stones outside or inside the country.

The statement said that the following rules should be strictly observed:

1- All citizens of the country should use the national currency, the Afghani, on every transactions.

2- No one can carry more than 5,000 US dollars through airports, and more than 500 dollars through land (borders).

3- The violator transferring a million dollars cash would be sentenced to one year in jail. The person who transfers less than a million dollars, would be awarded imprisonment of one month for each 100,000 US dollars and a person carrying less than 100,000 US dollars would be jailed to 10 days.

The money and gold seized from the violators will be confiscated in Da Afghanistan Bank until the Prime Minister’s decision, the statement said, adding that brining the currencies of the countries of the region to Afghanistan is prohibited.

It is the responsibility of General Directorate of Intelligence, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense to prevent the smuggling of currency, gold, precious stones and antiquities out of the country, the statement concluded.


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