IEA Pledge to Address Country’s Women Entrepreneur Problems:Arg

KABUL (BNA) The head of the Prime Minister’s office of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, in a meeting with the country’s women entrepreneurs, said that their problems will be addressed.

The head of the Prime Minister’s office Dr. Abdul Wasea, met with the Board of Directors of the Afghanistan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, headed by Mumtaz Yousafzai, according to Arg’s statement.

Supporting and maintaining operational the women’s chamber of commerce and industry, issuing business visas to Entrepreneur women and providing facilities for them, giving them permits, special cooperation in the field of rent and property taxes, and creating a market were discussed in the meeting, added to the statement.

Dr. Abdul Wasea assured the country’s women Entrepreneur, that the Islamic Emirate will strive to remove all the barriers in the way of their business and will share their problems with the relevant bodies.


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