IEA Pledged Addressing People’s Economic Problems

KABUL (BNA) Sheikh Mohammad Qasim Khalid has officially introduced as new governor of Kabul, during a ceremony.

The political deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai, attended the ceremony, he was pleased with the new selection of Kabul governor and called the Khalid a suitable figure for the position

Afghans have made great sacrifices for the freedom of the country and the establishment of the Islamic system in the past 20 years, and the officials of the Islamic Emirate are obliged to address the economic problems of their people he added.

Stanekzai urged that Afghans should not rely on foreign aid and should strive for self-determination and country building.

He said that internal opponents should stop opposing the system and return to their country.

Sheikh Mohammad Qasim Khalid has formerly served as the governor of Kunar and Ghazni provinces as well as the deputy of the Ministry of Borders, Tribes and Tribal Affairs.


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