IEA to Hold Loya Jirga to Discuss Current Issues

KABUL(BNA) The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Political Commission working is on a plan to convene a Loya Jirga “great assembly” to discuss the current situation of the country.

The political commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan said Work on a plan is currently underway for the grand Session of the Afghan National Assembly is scheduled to be held in Kabul in the near future with the participation of politicians. quotes BNA reporter.

Deputy Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Inamullah Samangani, said the Work is underway to finalize the plan, and whenever the plan is finalized and approved by the leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, its date and place will be determined.

Political experts have welcomed the plan with conditions, and have considered the convening of this meeting necessary for reaching a solution.

Afghans have been constantly consulting and exchanging views through the formation of jirgas and have made many respectful results in solving political disputes through the great assembly “Loya Jirga”.

The first jirga that determined the future of our country was held in Kandahar after Nader Afshar’s assassination, which is known as the Red Lion Jirga, which lasted for nine days, and finally, they chose the title of King of Afghanistan.

On the eve of the First Afghan-British War, a “joint decision on the fate of the country” was held at the Kabul Bazaar.

According to the history of Amir Shir Ali Khan, he also referred to the Jirga for gaining the support of the people, strengthening the kingdom, and providing security.

Amir Habibullah Khan also decided on the important issue of Afghanistan’s non-participation in the First World War by convening a jirga and consulting with tribal elders, religious scholars, influential people, and representatives of the people.

During the reign of Shah Amanullah Khan, the constitution, which was the first constitution of Afghanistan, was approved by members of the Jirga in Jalalabad.

After the fall of the regime and the ousting of Shah Amanullah ‌ to Rome and the rise of Nader Shah to power, a jirga was convened and decisions were made on issues such as the National Assembly election bill, the number, and method of electing provincial council members and the election of the color.

In respective Mohammad Zahir Shah decided on the issue of Afghanistan’s neutrality during the Second World War and the re-deployment of German and Italian specialists from Afghanistan to their countries by convening a jirga.

In time of Mohammad Daud Khan presidency a Jirga was held in Kabul to gain national legitimacy and ratify a new constitution.

Over the past 40 years, governments in Afghanistan have also convened Loya Jirgas to legitimize themselves.

It’s mentionable that the Jirga in Afghanistan has a long history, and understanding, consultation, and council have had positive results.

No conflicts in the world have been solved by military means or war. Ultimately, the solution to any dispute and attaining peace and stability is understanding and mutual acceptance said to be a Jirga meaning.


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