IEA Use Available Cadres for Country’s Self-sufficiency:Arg

KABUL (BNA) The Director General of the Prime Minister’s office, in a meeting with elders, and ethnic and religious influential people from Shia and Hazara regions, said: the IEA strives to make Afghanistan self-sufficient by available cadres.

Dr. Abdul Wasea, the Director General of PM office, met with elders and religious and ethnic figures from Shia and Hazara in Arg, said a statement released by his office.

During the meeting, Mawlavi Ahmadullah Muttaqi, Deputy Public Relations and Strategic Director of the General Directorate of the Prime Minister’s Office said that the Islamic Emirate is committed to justice and equality among the country’s ethnic groups and considers all ethnic groups to be members of the same entity.

The Islamic Emirate strived to establish justice and equality among the ethnic groups of Afghanistan more then any other time, he added.

The elders and influential people of Shia shared their suggestions and problems in various sector with the General Director of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Dr. Abdul Wasea said: “The success of the Islamic Emirate was a great victory that does not belong to one position or nation, but to the whole of Afghanistan.”

He pledged to convey the problems and views of the representatives of Shiites and Hazara community to the leadership of the Islamic Emirate.


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