IEA Wants Investors to Invest in Afghanistan without Any Fear, Deputy PM

KABUL (BNA) The Deputy Prime Minister Mawlawi Abdul Kabir in a meetkhing with Pine-nuts trader union members said, that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan wants the investors to invest in Afghanistan without any fear.

On Sunday the press office of the Prime Minister in a statement said that Mawlavi Abdul Kabir Deputy prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan met the pine-nuts trader union members.

Haji Dildar Zadran head of the pine-nuts trader union said, that fortunately, the exports of the pine nuts increased this year, and the pine-nuts processing company is active in 34 provinces of Afghanistan, and due to the tight security and zero corruption in this sector, the collection of pine nuts will be increased in the country.

Mawlawi Abdul Kabir said, that we are glad to have honest and devoted traders in the country, and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is cooperating with all national and international traders and asked the traders to invest in Afghanistan without any fear and difficulty, and promise to solve the current problems in this sector and provide modern facilities to the trader of Afghanistan.

This is despite the fact that after the sovereignty of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, the collection and export of pine nuts increased.


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