If US Wants To End War On Terror, It Should Change Its Policy On Afghanistan

Monday January 23, 2017

Kabul (BNA) In swear-in ceremony held last Friday, Donald Trump the US new president has regarded himself committed for bearing changes, and on the earth, he would annihilate completely terrorism and its hideouts. In his first statement, president Trump did not mentioned regarding Afghanistan, but emphasized that the US assistance and expenditures to other nations weakened the economy of this country and three times he repeatedly said that the US has its own priority and with the help of its people, the US gets to strengthened again. Likewise, Donald Trump has suggested that the US ruling party instead of US borders, safeguarded others ones. But first, I safeguard the US borders and then, I pay attention towards other countries. Similarly, president Trump added that the labor level has been reducing daily in the US factories are facing to lapse and the former leadership was searching occupation for others. I make effort the US people be rich and provide work opportunity for them. Now this power is transferred to the people and I prioritize the peoples’ requirements. Although, previously, it was hoped that the US new leader president Trump is merchant and ballooner. He don’t want the war be continued in the world by the US and in his first statement he proclaimed the war on terror be ended and promised that he annihilates this phenomenon from the earth.
This is in a time that once more, the enlightened Afghans wanted the new leadership of the US to revise on its policy regarding Afghanistan and the region and completely change its strategy in connection with Pakistan and this country be recognized officially as a supporter of terrorism by the US and other world nations. And those countries who are really partners in war on terror, the US should develop its relations with them. It is said that the US policy in war on terror has its own shortcomings and because of this, this strategy is in need of revision so that this vacuum completely be removed and the hope that president Trump is nourishing in his mind be met. It is also mentionable that the US 45th president, Donald Trump is the first leader that neither he didn’t worked in government offices even for one day nor is politician for it. So, it is hoped he express wrath and indignation against war and put ending point in all wars fought in all parts of the globe. Although, with dispatching of the US troops to Afghanistan, this country committed to end war on Afghanistan, the narco-production and trafficking be terminated, good governance be implemented and beside providing employment for the Afghans, they be changed into rich people.
But, they didn’t reached to peace more and are victimizing every day by terrorism, unemployment is increasing and in production of narcotics, Afghanistan is in the first place. But, it is hoped the new leadership of the US to complete and implement those promises pledged to the Afghans and doesn’t permit the imposed war be continued in Afghanistan by regional and world countries. Afghans think that why war on terror didn’t ended within fifteen years and beside of the US assistance the terrorism phenomenon is alive. What is the reason and who is responsible for this? The US new leadership should investigate the issue and find respond to those queries. Because, hereafter, neither the Afghans nor the US is ready to pay the price of war and sacrify its soldiers. This is in a time that Gen, James Matis who is nominated as defense secretary of the US by president Trump, recently has asserted that if he appointed as secretary of the US defense would increase pressure on Pakistan so that to prevent the activities of those groupings that threaten the security situation in Afghanistan.
Hamidullah Faizi

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