IHH Resumes Food Distribution in Kabul

KABUL (BNA) Today, Tuesday Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation started distributing food assistance to 1,000 of needy families in Kabul.

The food assistance was distributed to needy families and orphans in cooperation with the Islamic Emirate-related bodies, said Mujahid Kalich in charge of the Turkish Relief Foundation in Kabul, quoting Bakhtar News Agency reporter.

According to Kalich the ingredients distributed today, Tuesday included flour, rice, cooking oil, dry tea, sugar, beans, chickpeas, macaroni, and dates.

Lately, the foundation distributed food and cash assistance to needy families in Tagab district of Kapisa and Ghazni province. he added.

He assured that the series of aids will follow in the future adding “that the foundation plans to contribute to the construction of mosques and schools?”

In the meantime, Humayun Aziz, one of the beneficiaries hailing the foundation assistance said to Bakhtar News Agency reporter, “that they demand the continuation of flow series of assistance, that is helpful in reducing poverty, and he added that the aid is not enough the government needs to focus creating job opportunities in the country.


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