Imam Reza’s pilgrimage Incident has nothing to do with Afghanistan and Afghans

Kabul (BNA) The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan condemned a recent stabbing attack on clergymen at the shrine of Imam Reza (AS) in Iran’s northeastern city of Mashhad, saying the fatal incident had nothing to do with the Afghans and Afghanistan.
BNA Commentator: The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has condemned the attack on three clerics in the shrine of Imam Reza in the Iranian city of Mashhad.
Two days back, three clerics were stabbed in the shrine of Imam Reza in the Iranian city of Mashhad, in which one person was killed. Iranian officials called the attack “terrorist.”
Iranian security officials claim that they have arrested the assailant and named him Abdul Latif Muradi, who is 21 years old, an Uzbek nationality of Afghanistan, who entered Iran through Pakistan a year ago and is an Afghan citizen.
Iranian officials have also said that in addition to Abdul Latif Muradi, they have arrested six other people, two of whom are Muradi brothers.
The incident and the arrests have raised concerns among Afghan refugees in Iran that the mistreatment of Afghan refugees across Iran will increase as a result of the bitter experience experienced by Afghan refugees in Iran and the behavior of the Iranian police and other institutions is justified.
Although being an Afghan assailant is still a level one claim, unless they claim to be an Afghan assailant, they have made it possible for millions of other Afghans living in Iran to be harassed. And the mayors in Iran have been harassed by extremist groups and individuals with clear pessimism about Afghans.
Islamic Emirate spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid tweeted on Wednesday that the attack had nothing to do with Afghans or Afghanistan.
Afghans are in favor of prosecuting the assailant regardless of his or her racial affiliation, but should not this incident encourage Afghan immigrants in that country?
Earlier, Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman of Islamic Emirate, called on the Iranian government not to “harass” Afghan refugees living in Iran.
“We have received reports that Afghans in Iran are being mistreated … We call on the Islamic Republic of Iran not to harass Afghan refugees these days as they have treated them in the past,” he told the BBC. “.
The spokesman of Islamic Emirate added that Afghan refugees in Iran should be allowed to “return to their country of their own free will.”
He also said that the Islamic Emirate had raised the issue with Iranian officials “through diplomatic channels”.
It should be noted that Afghans hope that Afghan immigrants in Iran will not be involved in political programs.

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