Implementation of Uplift Projects Benefits Rural Areas

Sunday October 9, 2016

Kabul (BNA) 150 public utility projects were recently exploited in Nangarhar province by government departments for improving of people living conditions. Saifuddin Saihoon a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, Kabul University said, generally launching of public utility projects are very effective for improving of rural living conditions especially in remote villages.
He added, the sectorial ministries including MRRD, MoPH, MoE and MoPWs who are responsible for construction and reconstruction of roads, health clinics, schools, bridges, libraries…etc should closely coordinate their plans on the fields and cooperate each other’s in remote provinces. Because inhabitants of these areas are in urgent need of abovementioned facilities. Most of rural population have no access to medical facilities, schools, roads, job opportunities. So the logic of rural development is in this point. According to experts, one of the advantages of these projects is providing of small loans for rural inhabitants who are involved in agriculture, livestock breeding. They benefit these loans and improve their living conditions. It should be said that the rural development program which was once called as NSP created the mentality of development, jobs and social services among rural and encouraged them to take part in these projects implementation.
Massoud another economist said, majority of rural population are involved in agriculture. So the MoALD and MRRD should coordinate their plans and projects for construction of concerned projects in close cooperation of provincial departments. But transparency is an essential element in these projects quality. According to him, if the MRRD properly supervise these projects, it would attract the people confidence and support. Otherwise rural would not trust it. As it has been seen in some districts and villages often rural are not satisfied. Because the bridges or roads that were constructed were destroyed in a short time after completion due to carelessness of project managers and use of low quality raw materials as well as lack of transparency. These projects include water dams, submergible, roads, supporting walls, irrigation canals etc. Ahmad Jan a farmer said, the Afghan government especially the sectorial ministries who are involved in rural development projects, should provide employment opportunities to rural population because they are leading daily life with minimal resources. Due to lack of job facilities large number of able population specially educated youth leave the country and travel outside in seeking jobs despite of potential risks of life.
Shukria Kohistani

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