India To Finance Russian Arms Supply To ANSF

Saturday, April 26, 2014
Kabul (BNA) According to some reports, the Indian government has shown willingness to finance Russian arms supply to the Afghan National Security Forces(ANSF) ahead of NATO withdraw from the country by the end of the year.
The deal was reportedly firmed up during a meeting between the Indian and Russian officials in February and the first order of the equipment is already being executed.
The financial amount which is expected to pay by the Indian government will largely focus on artillery guns, choppers, armored vehicles including tanks and light weaponries ahead of NATO troops downsizing the country.
The list of equipment could also include non-lethal items and some old Russian-made equipment lying in Afghanistan could also be refitted under the arrangement.
There some report, that the Indian government is already engaged in preliminary discussions with China to attract investments on Afghanistan mines sector.
In the meantime, the Afghan government officials have warmly welcomed Indian support to finance the arms supply to the Afghan security forces and declared India as an important and close ally of Afghanistan.
Political analysts in Afghanistan believe that the Indian cooperation for financing the Russian arms to Afghan security institutions will contribute in boosting up the security situations.
The analysts believe that international peace and security is related in longstanding security in Afghanistan.
“I really appreciate Indian cooperation for financing Russian arms supply to ANSF, because the Afghan government financially lacks potential to purchase arms from its national budget, Afghan security personnel maintain acquaintance with the Russian ammos and do not need more training to us Russian weapons,” political commentator Jawed Kohistani said. “Russian arms are suitable for Afghanistan climate, and terms of technical cooperation, the distance is too short and we can refit weapons through Tajikistan and Turkmenistan soil, because we enjoy transit rout with the countries in the region.”
“ANSF needs more cooperation and equipment, the Afghans appreciate any that could ensure further strengthening of Afghan security forces, economically Afghanistan is need for more aids, because we at war no,” another analyst Hadi Khalid said.
“Russia and India also face threats from terrorism; supporting Afghanistan in some is contributing to global peace and stability.”
This comes at a time that the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) have already shouldered the security responsibility of the country and lack of modern arms and ammunitions have undermined these forces to conduct military tasks effectively.  Afghanistan hopes that its strategic partners will make sure more aids to ensure the formation of Afghanistan Air Forces in the near future.
Afghanistan signed the first strategic cooperation partnership agreement with India and both nations have enjoyed brotherly relations in the past.

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