Infectious Diseases has No Border, Dr. Ebad at G5 Meeting

KABUL (BNA) Acting Public Health Minister, Qalandar Ebad, at the head of a state delegation has left for Tehran, the capital of Iran, where he attended and addressed the G5 meeting in the host country.

Addressing the meeting, Acting Public Health Minister of the Islamic Emirate Qalandar Ebad said that joint preventive measures should be taken to combat infectious diseases, as the diseases don’t recognize borders, according to the statement.

“The Islamic Emirate is striving to do its best to provide Afghans with necessary health care services across the country and the G5 members should assist the Islamic Emirate on the ground, the statement quoted the minister.

Dr. Ebad said, “Afghanistan is a leading country in the implementation of the Corona vaccine and has made significant achievements in carrying out other routine vaccination and polio vaccination campaigns”.

The G5 meeting, in Tehran, has brought together Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Tajikistan to boost cooperation in the health sector.


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